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 We bring to the forefront of national and regional agendas common industry issues and lobby for timely interventions and favourable outcomes.

 Human Capacity Building

 As the Federation of East African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers we believe that a well trained personnel is the main precondition for a sustainable and competitive pharmaceutical sector in East Africa. In order to achieve high quality standards and promote excellence, the Federation has been running various activities aimed at building Human Capacity.


 Being the official representative of the East African pharmaceutical sector FEAPM seeks to increase the exposure of locally produced medicines and to improve their perception among different stakeholders. Through our activities we endeavour to create awareness of best practice in East Africa and to enhance the reputation of the local pharmaceutical industry.


 By organizing conferences, roundtables and presentations the Federation brings together the local business, policy makers, academia as well as international experts. Such events not only foster knowledge and technology transfer, but are also a driving force for innovation. 


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Federation of East African Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (FEAPM)

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